Brand Name Cialis

1707-35Brand name Cialis is a Viagra alternative that has been approved and available in Europe and is now available in North America. Brand name Cialis is similar to Viagra in that it increases the blood flow into the penis to maintain an erection.

Chemically, Brand name Cialis works similar to Viagra but has the advantage of working more quickly with longer lasting effects. Many men buy cialis because its effects can last up to 36 hours! In addition to Cialis, Levitra is another major new ED drug which is now available in North America.

Cialis has earned the nickname the “weekender” ED medication as its effects can last for up to 36 hours. A single dose taken on Friday could still be exerting an effect on Sunday (or even Monday). Side effects are generally mild and no worse than that of Viagra. The long lasting effects of Cialis make it an attractive alternative to Viagra.

Name brand Cialis is actually more expensive than name brand Viagra. However, the higher cost of Cialis is more than offset by its longer lasting effects. Of course, generic Cialis is the cheapest alternative.


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