Acticin (Permethrin)

1707-44Acticin (sometimes it is also called Permethrin) is a medicine which is recommended for patients who are suffering from scabies. The way Permethrin works is really simple – it kills scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei).

How should I use Acticin?

Read following instructions how you should use Acticin:

  • the first and the main thing concerning Acticin you should remember is that it is strongly recommended to use only if it was prescribed by your doctor
  • how should you use Acticin? Put it on every part of you skin except skin on your scalp. Still you should put it on scalp as well in babies and elder patients
  • moreover, it’s important not to forget to remove the medicine by washing after eight hours
  • itching may occur – it’s a side effect
  • if you miss your regular dose of Acticin you should take it as soon as you can
  • continue taking Acticin the whole treatment course

If you have any questions about Acticin, dosage, possible side effects, you should ask you doctor.

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