Elimite (Permethrin)

What is Elimite (Permethrin)?

1707-45Elimite or as it’s also called – Permethrin – is a medicine drug which is usually recommended to use if you are suffering from scabies. How does Elimite work? It kills scabies mite.

How should you take Elimite?

You should remember the following rules and advises in order to use Elimite the most effective and safest way:

  • first of all, use Elimite only if it is prescribed by your doctor. Do not use it without consultation with your doctor.
  • how to use Elimite? You should put Elimite on the every part of your skin from head and to soles. It’s not necessary to put Elimite onto your scalp (the exception is babies and older patients)
  • to add, the medicine should be removed by washing after eight hours
  • Elimite may cause itching – it is a side effect
  • if you see mites after two week you should use Elimite one more time
  • keep using Elimite as it is prescribed by your doctor and try not to miss your doses. If you miss you dose use Elimite as soon as it’s possible

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