Viagra as a Recreational Drug

1707-23Medications that are meant for improving one’s state of health may often be used in order to prevent one from falling into particular dysfunctional categories.

Some medications are particular manufactured in order to help people who are already in dysfunctional categories improve their conditions. However, it is also noted that some drugs that are used for particular purposes are even being used when there is no apparent problem with one’s health.

One drug that is currently being used in this way is Viagra; it is being used as a recreational drug basically because of the fact that it has little of no side effects, particularly for younger men.

Use of Viagra

Viagra is actually a drug that is prescribed for individuals (males) who suffer with impotency. This impotency refers to erectile dysfunction, and Viagra is the cure for it or at least enhances one’s performance during sexual intercourse. It must be said that Viagra has helped save many marriages, and this proves the lauded success rate of the drug that is around 80%.

Indeed, many males suffering fro erectile dysfunction have been satisfied with Viagra’s effects. However, there are still around 20% males who are not satisfied with Viagra, and this is basically because of the fact that Viagra did not cater to their individual problems. Their problems might have been because of other unknown causes, and Viagra may not have been able to encompass those causes of the problem.

Viagra as a Recreational Drug?

In view of the large success that Viagra has had with serving up to 80% men with little or no side effects, many people are now using it as a recreational drug. They are all aware of the benefits against the chances of side effects, especially if they are young, and so, younger men tend to indulge in this prescription drug more than what is necessary.

No doubt, their sexual performances are enhanced considerably but the question that people ask is: should younger men really be permitted to use as much Viagra as they want considering that a large of amount of spending goes towards producing Viagra? Whatever, the answer to this question is, it must be noted that the percentage users have shot up dramatically in this regard.

The following figures are interesting in this regard. It must be noted that the number of men between the ages of 18 to 45 shot up by 312%, as opposed to 216% for men between the ages of 46-55 years.

What is the Harm?

It is quite evident that there are many more men using Viagra today. This is because of the awareness and the realization of the fact that it really works and is not any ordinary drug.

This is not a problem because of the fact that many people do really need to use it. However, the problem seems to lie in the fact that there are a great many younger people using it rather than the older people. The statistics indicate that there are indeed many younger people using Viagra.

Though this is considered to be a problem and whether the government wants to put a control on this is one direction of thought. However, people generally do not think anything of it when they are already sexually fit. They believe it gives them the edge. Many also think that there is absolutely no harm in doing so. This may be true but critics are basically the economic factor that they are concerned with.


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